Office Moving Checklist in Ottawa

Effortless Office Relocation: Pro Metro Movers’ Comprehensive Checklist for a Smooth Move in Ottawa

Pro Metro Movers simplifies the office moving process in Ottawa with our comprehensive checklist designed to ensure a seamless transition for your business. Begin by conducting a detailed inventory of office assets, followed by strategic labeling for easy tracking. Collaborate with our expert team to schedule packing and loading, ensuring a smooth disassembly and packaging of furniture and equipment. Early communication with clients, suppliers, and stakeholders is crucial, and our team can guide you through this process. Update your business address with relevant authorities and set up mail redirection to the new location. Pro Metro Movers is dedicated to providing personalized support, making your Ottawa office move efficient and stress-free. Trust us to be your reliable partner in this important transition.

Here is a office moving checklist in Ottawa of things to consider before and during an office move

1. Plan ahead: Create a timeline for your move and start planning several weeks or even months in advance. This will give you plenty of time to prepare and make any necessary arrangements. Office moving in Ottawa!

2. Establish a budget: Determine a budget for your move and allocate resources accordingly.

3. Assign roles and responsibilities: Assign roles and responsibilities to key members of your team to ensure a smooth and efficient move.

4. Hire a moving company: Research and book a reputable moving company well in advance of your move date.

5. Notify important parties: Notify your clients, suppliers, vendors, and other important parties about your move and provide them with your new address and contact information.

Office Moving Checklist in Ottawa

6. Inventory: Create an inventory of all items that will be moved to the new location, and determine which items are essential and which can be discarded or donated.

7. Prepare for packing: Provide your employees with packing supplies such as boxes, tape, and markers. Encourage them to label their boxes and pack their own items.

8. IT relocation: Plan for the relocation of your IT infrastructure, including computers, servers, and other equipment.

9. Furniture and equipment: Plan for the relocation of your furniture and equipment, and ensure that your new space can accommodate your existing items.

10. Utilities and services: Notify your utility companies and other service providers about your move and arrange for services to be disconnected or transferred.

11. Moving day: On moving day, coordinate with the moving company to ensure that all items are packed, loaded, and transported to the new location.

12. Final walkthrough: Do a final walkthrough of your old office to ensure everything has been packed and removed.

13. Check the new office: Do a walkthrough of your new office to ensure it is clean and ready for your arrival.

14. Unpack and settle in: Unpack your belongings and get settled into your new office.

Overall, this checklist can help make your office move a smooth and organized process, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

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A Moving Company With 10+ Years of Experience

Pro Metro Movers is a registered company with years of experience in providing moving, packaging and storage services. We are committed to giving you a smooth moving experience in organizing your  moving, packing your goods with perfection, transporting your belongings and storing your goods securely. Our aim is to offer a swift and hassle-free moving experience to you.


Moving is one of the most stressful jobs that takes a lot of time and effort. According to the Employee Relocation Council, moving is ranked as the third-most stressful life event. Moving under stress might make it appear much more difficult than it is. To ease your workload, we at Pro Metro Moving, provides you with professional moving service, helping you plan things outplace. We deal in both residential and commercial moving and storage


Residential Moves

Residential move is the process of relocating household goods and personal belongings from one residence to another, involving packing, transportation, and unpacking. Professional moving companies offer services to help with the move.

Commercial Moves

Commercial moves refer to the process of relocating a business from one location to another. This type of move often involves moving larger items such as office furniture, equipment, and inventory.

Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves refer to the process of relocating household goods and personal belongings over a significant distance, typically over 100 miles.

Our Easy 4-Step Moving Process

Plan and organize

Start by creating a moving checklist, setting a budget, and choosing a moving date. Research and compare different moving companies and get quotes. Declutter and donate or sell items you no longer need.

Pack your belongings

Start packing non-essential items first and label each box with its contents and the room it belongs in. Use sturdy boxes and packing materials to protect your items. Label fragile items appropriately.

Hire a moving company or rent a moving truck

Choose a reputable moving company or rental truck company that fits your budget and needs. Confirm the details of your move, such as pick-up and delivery dates, with the company.

Move day

On moving day, direct the movers or do the loading and unloading yourself. Check each item as it is loaded and unloaded to ensure nothing is damaged or lost. Once you’ve arrived at your new home, unpack and settle in

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